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Workshop Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy
Circumstances can arise resulting in preferred changes to the time/date of your workshop.  Jason will happily attempt to accommodate your changes however will require a minimum of 28 days notification if a booking needs to be rescheduled or cancelled.
The following cancellation fees apply:
50% of minimum workshop fee if a show is cancelled within 14 – 28 days of the scheduled date.
Or full minimum workshop fee if a show is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date.


Upon confirmation of your booking, you will be sent a confirmation letter confirming the time and date of the workshop and ways for you and your students to prepare for the workshop.  On workshop day, Jason will issue a tax invoice.  We ask that payments are made within a 7-day term, payments on the performance date are also encouraged.  To discuss alternate payment terms, please email Jason Glenwright.


Feedback is very important to Jason.  Following the workshop, Jason Glenwright will provide you with a feedback form to fill out while watching the show. Jason encourages you to be as honest as possible to help make the workshops even better!  Please include what you liked about the workshop, what you didn’t like etc. Once completed, email the form back to Jason Glenwright. 


Jason Glenwright practises and promotes a safe and positive working environment. Jason does not carry responsibility of students actions during workshops. All workshops must be fully supervised by at least one school staff member at all times and students must be covered by school indemnities.


Blue Card
Jason Glenwright carries a current blue card.


Personal Information
Any personal information you may disclose online will be kept strictly confidential, however some information may be used for marketing purposes. Jason Glenwright will not disclose personal identification or contact information to any unauthorised third parties without prior consent.


Accuracy and corrections
All information contained on these pages was correct at the time of upload or print. Jason Glenwright reserves the right to adapt or alter any information (including price lists) at any time without notice. 

If you have any questions regarding the policies and procedures of Jason Glenwright’s Workshops, please do not hesitate to email Jason at  

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