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Post 1- Christmas Lights 2016

My name is Jason Glenwright and I am a freelance Lighting Designer. Working mostly in theatre, I get opportunities to collaborate alongside some of the best artists to create works that entertain, excite and challenge audiences.

In my spare time I love running, long drives, homewares shopping, hiking, checking out the arts, shopping centres, drawing, as well as appreciating local architecture.

Can you believe it's December already?! There is always something that makes me feel giddy around this time of year and it’s not the eggnog, I hope. The time of the year when the shops are too busy and everything seems to cost a lot more for some reason. The time of year when the word family gets used a little to often. Or the time of year when as a freelance artist you feel like you will only ever be able to afford to eat half a can of baked beans for every meal for the rest of your life.

But all in all and most importantly this is the time of the year when the handymen and repressed fathers come out and showcase to the community their Christmas Light Displays!

At this very moment I just can’t wait to get my hands on the 2016 4KQ Christmas Lights winners list so I can get out and see as many Christmas light displays as I can! Over the years I have seen some amazing exhibits and from year to year love seeing the incorporation of newest tricks and latest technologies!

It’s never as fun going alone, so I love sharing this experience with my partner Jess. Along the drive between houses, apart from singing along to our favourite Christmas carols, getting into arguments about directions and getting in the festive spirit or whatever they call it we love to share our thoughts on the last display we just saw. Unfortunately for her I sometimes take the discussion to far, by deconstructing the craft to the point beyond her appreciation that results in the Christmas carol volume rising again.


This year I’ve decided to take the blog plunge and publicly share to all my 2016 Christmas light experiences and photos with you. And your volume has very little control over me now thank you very much.

In this blog I will share my thoughts and analyse what I believe are the must see Christmas lights displays of 2016, which will be based off a self scripted criteria which I will share with you in an upcoming post. My hope is that this blog will not only ignite a further appreciation of these displays but also inspire you to build your own no matter how big or small in the future.

What is traditionally your favourite must see displays each year? I would love for you to share your thoughts along this journey as well. So jump in the car, crank the carols, get your best dad jokes out and head towards the light.

Jason xx

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