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Post 2 2017- Drac-colour lights of the Inner East

I got a bit lazy yesterday on the blogging front and did not recount my efforts of Friday night.

On Friday night, I was lucky enough to be joined by my mates Markie and Imogen and I decided instead of doing the West like I initially planned,I decided to do Brisbane’s Inner East instead.

Following a beautiful dinner of Mexican in Bulimba, we set off and visited 9 different displays. I introduced them to my scoring and rating system and after a bit of laughing from them (don’t know why) they both got right into the thick of it.

There were some strong efforts in the night but also some absolutely piss weak efforts- for example 81 Stephens Street Morningside. In fact, I don’t know why you’d even bother. Like seriously. Unless you like cardboard cutouts lit by open white par 38 porta-floods with a couple of dismal fairy light runs. In fact, it doesn’t even deserve this much of a write up. Now that I’ve gotten that out, avoid like an egg that turned rotten two days after being discarded at a Lord Mayors Christmas Carols concert.

Now for some displays you must check out. Coming in at third place on our ratings tally was 56 Stella Street Holland Park. This was the Runner up in the 4KQ Best of the East displays. I’ve visited this display for many years now, and although not a lot has changed or grown for that matter it still is a beautifully well executed display. The flora of the garden was lit beautifully and a walk through the yard took you on a little journey. It didn’t feel tacky, just a beautiful use of colour and fairy lights.

A lovely time was had by ALL

Coming in second place was 91 Elwell Street, Morningside. It was a syncronised light display whereby you tune into 91.3FM and enjoy the show from the comfort of your car. Interesting this choice came in second as we had a lot to discuss with this one. We all thought it was ok, but the music choices were absolutely weird. The cuing was a little off and at many times inappropriate. For example, a nice calm song with dramatic lighting changes Nuh uh- just not on. But still a bit of fun, definitely one of the weakest sync displays in Brisbane. Check out in you’re in the area.

And coming in at number one, well ahead of the pervious entry was Melrose Court! This cul-de-sac won Best Neighbourhood display. It was the surefire winner of the evening by far. Great use of lighting to define space, a 20m tunnel of fairy lights along the footpath and bubbles! It’s amazing how much little things like that adds to a display. Overall it was a nice collaboration of colour, music and technology from projected Santa’s in the window to lasers lighting up tall palm trees people couldn’t be stuffed climbing in order to decorate with actual lights. A great one for the family.

NOT a winner

I just had to mention that we did visit the 4KQ Best of the East House in the evening at 536 D’Arcy Rd Carina. But for us it didn’t make the cut. Overall it just felt messy with a slapped together hap-hazard collection of weirdly themed decals (a dinosaur at Christmas? Alrighty then). It just felt a bit too creepy, and it flaws I noted last year weren’t improved this year like not using the architecture of the building more. Also, there were no trains this year. But the fake trees were lovely.

It was great having Markie and Imogen join me. It’s so much better enjoying in the Christmas efforts of others and complaining about them amongst great company.

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