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Post 9- The Best List of Them All

This is it!! Here’s the list we’ve all been waiting for- at least the list I’ve been looking forward to compose all year! I am so excited to tally up all my scores from the Christmas Lights Displays I saw and compose the see Christmas Lights Display’s lists for 2016.

The houses I’ve seen have been ranked out of 25 based off my criteria stated in blog post 3. If you don’t remember my criteria, click here for a quick refresher! What else do you do on an airplane from Auckland to Brisbane whilst watching Pulp Fiction?

First of all I top three’d the best scores from every side of town:

West Top 3:

1. 20 Curragundi Rd, Jindalee

2. 45 Church Rd, Belbowrie

3. 4 Burwick Cl, Middle Park

South Top 3:

1. 11 Lucy Dr, Edens Landing

2. 16 Merchant Ct, Springwood

3. 34 Lawson Pl, Drewvale

North Top 3:

1. 36 Sugarloaf St, Wavell Heights

2. 12 Ridge View Dr, Narangba

3. 25 Addison Ct, Morayfield

East Top 3:

1. 17 Fairway Dr, Victoria Point

2. 536 D’arcy Rd, Carina

3. Melrose Cl, Carindale

Overall the side of town that performed the best was the North District, very closely followed by the West, then South then finally East.

Now taking the top five scores from all over town, I composed a list of the top five must see displays in Brisbane:

Top 5

1. 36 Sugarloaf St, Wavell Heights

1. 20 Curragundi Rd, Jindalee

3. 45 Church Rd, Belbowrie

4. 12 Ridge View Dr, Narangba

5. 25 Addison Ct, Morayfield

Sugarloaf Street in Wavell Heights and Curragundi Rd in Jindalee actually tied for first place. It’s interesting that West were still ranked in the 1st/2nd and 3rd positions yet still came off second best to the North. Just goes to show the number three can pull you through!

Now of course like all works of art, these scores are subjective to my opinions and feel free to use use these entirely as a guide. In my next post I will break down the attributes I've discovered that contribute to creating a winning Christmas Lights Display.

Whether you choose to accept my ranks or not, no matter what, get out there and get festive!

Have you been out to view any Christmas Lights as yet? What have been your favourites? Did they make this list?


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