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Post 3 2017- I Just Came To Say South

On Saturday evening, with Jess back by my side I took to the streets to the South of Brisbane. It was a great night where we discovered a lot of new entries as well as a few old favourites.

Earlier that day, some storms ripped through much of SEQ and a couple of the displays had some damage but most seemed to bounce back nicely. In fact, the damp weather played a little in our favour and the water on leaves gave a great extra sparkle to every display!

There were some strong contenders in the South, but coming in third was a Syncronised display at 2 Clayton Court Crestmead. I feel this is one of the better executed Syncronised light shows in Brisbane. Not relying on much more than the architecture of the house itself and a few LED trims here in there, it felt clean and neat. The musical numbers themselves were cued well with some great lighting effects. It proves sometimes simplicity can be the best medicine to executing a great lighting display.

Second place this year was taken out by 16 Merchant Count Springwood whom were last year’s 4KQ best of the South Runners up. A beautiful bright front yard display which has a nice use of colour and decals. A special mention must also to the Frangipani tree covered spectacularly in LEDs. A lovely friendly atmosphere was created by the host who kindly showed us around his property and even inside his house to check out his stunning Christmas tree. It was so nice chatting to him about the joy and relaxation it brings to his yearly regular and new visitors and this is why he participates in these displays year after year. He was actually thankful he didn’t win this year as one of the pitfalls that come of being a publicised winner is the increased volume of visitors to his property which subsequently left a lot of damage to his gardens and display via careless ‘bogan’ (as he described) visitors.

First place for the South went to 34 Lawson Place, Drewvale. The spectacular nature of this display draws you in from the street and takes you on various journeys including that of a snowy white Christmas followed by a Summer Australiana Christmas. There were lots of little figurines to enjoy at this display plus there was a bubble machine, some Festive dioramas, an arched LED pathway, Santa footprints plus a lot more. The houses surrounding also got into the action. Worth checking out if you’re in the area or keen for a drive.

Other houses worth checking out include another Synconised display at 8 MacGroarty Street, Coopers Plains. There were some beautiful and lighting fun sequences here plus still the opportunity to walk around and explore exhibits around the yard.

7 Bluedong St Algester (the south runner up winner) is worth a check out with its beautiful front yard of colourful decal lighting as is 5-15 Archery St Forestdale if you are in the area.

Unfortunately, the risk with viewing light shows is that sometimes in rare cases, some houses just don’t switch on, even though as part of the 4KQ competition they are obligated too. This was the case for the Highly Commended display at 31 Edith St Kingston. It’s a shame when this happens as you plan your journey and go out of your way in your quest to see as many awesome displays as you can only for the owner to not be bothered turning it on.

Sleighing it

The South in 2016 to me was a bit of a let down, but in 2017 with many new entries, some of the loveliest most welcoming people plus some past entries building on their previous years displays, the south felt like a whole new district to me. What are you waiting for? Get at it!

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