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Post 2- Leading Up tips

Congratulations, you have decided to go Christmas light viewing one night. But what to do now? Here's some ideas...

Plan Plan Plan

Grab a copy of the 4KQ winners list. It's the best/only way to ensure you see the best displays. PS. winners list will be published on the 6th of December, to find the list click here! Back to it: Using that list write down a list of places you want to see and develop yourself a route using your favourite map app. There is nothing worse (and I must admit I have been guilty of this) going out with the intention of enjoying a nightful of Christmas lights only to see 3 or 4 because of getting lost, backtracking or the stress of being overwhelmed with the choices of places to go. You can still keep it spontaneous but a little planning will help keep it care free! Make sure you plan places where you could stop for a break like ice cream/churros/juice/toilets or all AT THE SAME TIME!

Build a soundtrack.

Back in the old days or two years ago for me, before a magical thing called USB and Bluetooth existed in my car, I burnt CD playlists or mix tapes of my favourite Xmas carols or the cliche ones that I feel I should have just because, Christmas. Now days we have things called smart phones and ipods and cars with the blue tooth so you can build playlists beforehand and not worry about music running out. Spotify and Pandora also are great if you want to use pre-built playlists for a little spontaneity. Who doesn't love a bit of that now and then! Skip that track.


Buy your favourite Christmas treats. Who doesn't like good rum balls! Well Jess doesn't, so we don't usually have any, plus driving under the influence of alcohol is bad, so use only rum essence. Glad we cleared that one up. But chocolate covered nuts and/or sultanas are great, as are pretzels. Maybe up the Nogg intake. Sneak a little Xmas pudding. There are so many choices but try to avoid the usual smiths chips and lollies if you can and make sure it's a little festive!

Get Extra Festive

Deck out your car with decorations and battery operated lights. I don't usually do this but have seen peeps who have... Look I put this on here because I feel for some this is an achievable way of creating your own Christmas display in the comfort of your own car and if it helps you get in the mood, great! I'm not sure if it's technically legal though, so be careful. Maybe don't over do it with the 6 foot centred Xmas tree, gold reflective bunting, 500 watt flashing star and tinsel covering the rear and side windows but maybe I'm a minor kill joy and don't get it. Maybe dressing up as Santa or an elf is enough. It's up to you!

Also and quite importantly check your car, make sure it's in good running order and full of fuel! It's funny for others if you don't.

There's some tips for the lead up of your trip. I'll post some 'on the night tips' a little closer! Thanks for stopping by!

What do you do before heading out to view Christmas lights?

Jason x

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