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Post 3- The Grounds, The Rules

Hey look, check this out!

Before I jump straight into assessing displays, I feel I should share with you what grounds I'm basing my ideas and discussions off. Here is a criteria I've devised to critique some of the displays I'll be visiting this year.

Community Engagement

What does this display give/share with the community?


What ideas that make this display unique or different?


Have the design ideas been fully and appropriately realised.


What equipment have been used in the display.

Overall atmosphere

Most importantly- Do the above 4 criteria work evenly with each other?

Next time you head out to check out some Christmas light displays, ask these questions. I feel you will further appreciate the art! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Do you have any Christmas light memories from when you were a child? Comment please below!

Happy Christmas Lighting!


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